Framtidens Backaplan

Summary in English

Visionsbild över Framtidens Backaplan

North is cooler

Empty areas and years of setbacks will transform into attractive homes, offices companies will fight for and shopping downtown will envy. Darkness will change into city-centre. Creativity and courage will remain – forces which never dies. Forces which will become Gothenburg’s new northern city-centre. Future.

10 000 people will live here, as many will work and a lot more will visit for shopping and culture. Intense. Sustainable living is a no-brainer. And easy.

Everything will be brand new. Still the spirit of today’s restaurants, art and culture live on. We add parks, buzz and city. It’s exactly here today’s centre will connect to will-power, Frihamnen and infinity. A new downtown will rise. Revenge.

By 2030, one square kilometer of setbacks has transformed into forces, building our future.