A green, inclusive, dynamic city neighbourhood, and a natural new part of central Gothenburg.


The power to act, attract and have an impact.


A dynamic environment, and a unique blend that has the power to attract and brighten internationally.
North of the river, a brand new part of Gothenburg’s northern centre is emerging. A neighbourhood with shops, offices, services and homes that collectively will build a vibrant local community – accessible to all and with people at its heart. Here, the tone will be set by activities and meeting places, green spaces and the area’s proximity to the water. Backaplan of the future will also provide a link to the city across the river, enhancing and strengthening the city centre as it grows.

Vision images of Backaplan of the future

A neighbourhood for future needs

Building a city neighbourhood from scratch means being able to ensure that homes, streetscapes and green areas are designed in a way that meets future needs for accessibility, diversity and sustainability. Our objective is a neighbourhood with fewer cars that offers 24-hour living, and where culture, commerce, services and care are all accessible in the immediate area. Once complete, Backaplan will provide housing, workplaces and recreation for around 20,000 people.

Part of RiverCity Gothenburg

Backaplan is a part of RiverCity Gothenburg, a vision and roadmap for Gothenburg’s development. The aim is for The Future Backaplan to develop into a vibrant, green, densely built-up mixed city neighbourhood, with easy links to the city across the river. The proximity to water and greenery is an important aspect in the area’s design.

The powerful city

The powerful city is based on the desire to develop a space for everybody, designed according to people’s needs. Together we create attractiveness in everything we do, since engagement and the power to act are keys to success and realisation.
What we do gets noticed and creates impact.

Backaplan: a future vision

“Fusing the city together across the river creates a multifaceted place that will be seen and have an impact. Backaplan of the future highlights the power of the people who live and work here. A dynamic environment and city neighbourhood, and a natural new part of central Gothenburg on the water.

Backaplan of the future creates the power to brighten and attract internationally with its unique mixed-use character. It will be a gateway to one of the most attractive city regions in Europe.”

“RiverCity Gothenburg will be open to the world. It will be inclusive, green and dynamic. It will be designed in a way that connects the whole city, embraces the water and reinforces the regional centre.”
RiverCity Gothenburg Vision

“For us, sustainable urban development is about developing RiverCity for the needs and living opportunities of current and future generations.”
Real estate company Älvstranden Utveckling